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NewMa Packaging Machinery Vert B 701 VFFS (new, large bag sizes, compact)

This brand new model in very compact and is even fitted with a retractable control panel.
Max. bag size : 500 (W) x 500 (L) mm
Loading stations available: From 1 up to 5 depending on the bag size.

Bag Characteristics: No film overlaps
Loading options: Synchronised with automatic loading system
Standard 701

* Main Structure made of varnished steel RAL 7035;
* Electrical cabinet is fixed to the machine;
* Motorised film-reel holder;
* Motorised film-pulling unit;
* Self-centring reel holding unit;
* Sealing system with 3 independent movements, for a better sealing and for the prevention of the knife breakage;
* Bag length measuring system: Encoder or photo eye.
* End of film automatic detection system with automatic machine pause when the film-reel is over;
* Sealing bar safety device;
* Sealing System: Hot bar or sealing wire;
* Interchangeable forming tube
* SPEED: Up to 70 bags/min for machines sealing with hot-bar
* SPEED: Up to 55 bags/min for machines sealing with wire (conditions apply)
* PLC Siemens control system.
* PC control for counting and bagging lines
* CE Certification.

* Hot bar sealing - Film: thermo sealable (PP)
* Sealing with wire - Film: Polyethylene (PE)
* 45 degree machine for heavy products

* Euro slot
* Round hole
* Stand up bag
* Tear notch
* Predisposition for cross cut
* Multipack
* Micro perforation for air evacuation
* Hole for quick air evacuation
* Double sealing for hermetic closure
Model:Vert B 701
Size/Capacity:Speed: Up to 50 packs/min
(Product & Packaging Material Dependent)
Max Bag Size: 500 (W) x 500 (L) mm
Min Bag Size: 150(W) x 150 (L) mm
Stock Number:PVFF12138S
Serial Number:1015
Condition:Brand New

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