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MP-10 High Speed Sleeve Wrap Around Cartoner

The MP-10 is a fully-automatic, high-speed sleeve wrap around cartoner designed to wrap around multi-pack products.

  • Up to 130 wraps per minute
  • Magazine can handle up to 3,000 cartons with an auto-feeding system
  • Fully servo motor controlled
  • Simple, economical and easy to clean
  • Designed for quiet, low-maintenance operation


The MP-10 is fully servo motor controlled, with full control over each of its eight motors.

It uses a three-head rotary carton feeder to feed the cartons with the flow of the machine. Its magazine can handle up to 3,000 cartons with an auto-feeding system.

The MP-10's feeding is controlled by a two-belt drive (or star wheels) that feeds the product in whatever number of rows and products is required.

Simple and economical, and designed for quiet, low-maintenance operation, the MP-10 machine is easy to clean with all parts quickly accessible.


  • Fully servo driven
  • In-feed conveyor
  • Automatic product feeding into the carton
  • Overload system on the product feeding system
  • Full diagnostic fault
  • Generator vacuum
  • Digital indicators and calibrated scales
  • 6″ touch screen
  • Adjustable carton magazine
  • Omron PLC controller
  • Hot-melt glue system
  • Stainless steel construction
  • CE Mark


  • Middle wall construction
  • Date coding
  • Right/Left version available


  • cans
  • cups
  • bottles
  • plastic jars
  • tetra packs
  • frozen food trays
  • and many more


Production Speed
DriveFully servo driven
SpeedUp to 130 wraps per minute
Final speedDepends on the product's orientation and length
Wrap Size Range
Minimum60mm (2.3″) L x 60mm (2.3″) W x 30mm (1.18″) H
Maximum280mm (11″) L x 200mm (8″) W x 200mm (8″) H
Display6″ touch screen
PLC ControllerOmron PLC controller
CertificationCE Mark
Electrical Requirements
Input power200/380 volt, 3 phase 5060 Hz, 6 kw. Other requirements are available.
Control circuit24 VDC
Air Requirements
Operating pressure88psi (6 atm)
Line pressure103 psi (7 atm)
Air consumption200 L/min at 6 bar
Hot-melt air pressure20-59 psi (1.4 - 4 atm)
Construction, weights & dimensions
ConstructionStainless steel construction
Net weight1200 kg

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