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No. Item Make Model Size/Capacity Details
19991 Fluid Bed IQF Freezer OctoFrost 2/1 OctoFrost fluid bed IQF freezer. Freezing meat dice and vegetable. Installed in 2016. Capacity - (Product and Size Dependent) Up to 500kg/hr Up to 1350kg/hr of frozen peas Up to 1350kg/hr on peas The frozen products preserve its natural shape, smell, color and volume, for a Natural Appearance. Premium product appearance and low dehydration contribute to High Yield. Hygienic mono-block design and an effective Clean In Place system put Food Safety in focus. The efficient aerodynamics and the unique OctoFrost™ technology insures Energy Efficiency. QF TROPICAL FRUIT One of the most challenging aspects when freezing IQF tropical fruit such as IQF banana and IQF mango is to achieve good separation and preserve their taste, smell and texture. Some products are extremely sticky due to their naturally high sugar content and they will easily stick together in lumps or blocks. The benefit of OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel is that is designed with up to five (5) freezing zones that quickly freeze the surface of the fruits avoiding dehydration and lump formation. The aerodynamics and movement of the bedplates ensure that there will be no belt marks on the product surface, nor damage on the product corners. Depending on the ripeness of the product, the additional features of the pulsator, bed vibrator or the wave plate will effortlessly separate the products, creating a perfect output and keeping the fruits’ delicate natural color and shape. The IQF technology developed by OctoFrost is one of the most innovative ways of freezing all kinds of IQF tropical fruit, such as IQF mango, avocado, banana or pineapple, without compromising with their color, texture, smell and taste. For more details from OctoFrost Website: Videos: BUYER TO REMOVE.
19994 4 Rack Steam Oven with Cooling Section Vemag 4 rack steam oven with jacket cooling section. It was used for cooking and cooling meat in plastic bags. Selo’s cookers are suitable for the pasteurisation or sterilisation of meat. In the cooker, the products are heated by means of steam. The steam tunnel is operated by means of continuous steam flow. In the Intensive Cooling Installations the products are immediately being cooled with water to a certain core temperature after the thermal treatment, and after that they are being dried with an intensive air flow.
19996 Oil Lubricated VSD Screw Compressor Atlas Copco GA55VSD Atlas Copco Oil Lubricated Screw type VSD air compressor with desiccant dryer and enclosure. Less than 7,000 run hours. 175.2l/sec output at a max pressure of 13 bar. This unit is housed in a separate enclosure. There is no receiver supplied with this compressor.
19997 Water Filter Filtross FMA-2010 FMA-2010 water filter with automated screen cleaning and a capacity of 45,000 litres per hour at 10 microns. 2 - 10 Bar Working Pressure 50 Degrees C Fluid Max Temp In/Outlet Diameter: DN-250 (10") More details are available in the attachments. - Water gets into the filter through the pre-filtration chamber, where thick particles are retained, as it was a strainer. - Water gets into the filtering chamber, goes through from inside to outside the FILTERING SCREEN, producing the SURFACE MECHANIC. High quality water is obtained according to the filtration degree chosen for the filtration screen which can vary from 10 microns to 2000 microns (discuss the screen size you require with the supplier/manufacturer). - Dust remains on the thin screen interior what produces head loss between the filter inlet and outlet gradually. Two analogic transducers will indicate the backwashing sequence when the DP becomes 0.3 (3 m.c.a). There are other possibilities to make the filter backwashing: Time backwashings, time and pressure combination, continuous backwashing option. - When the pressure switch indicates 0.3 bar, the drain valve receive the opening order, then it generates a pressure difference between outside (atmospheric pressure) and the inside of the filter (working pressure) that is why fast running water which is produced, goes through the screen and then goes outside through the nozzles internal orifice. Besides this, at this very moment the starting order is also sent to the engine. - The result of these actions is: the suction effect of the nozzles on the screen dust and the suction scanner spiral movement in the inside of the filter. - During the backwashing process that lasts 25 seconds, water is still being filtered and goes on flowing to the system or application. This fact is due to the filters design allows that the backwashing water consumption is MINIMUM and the working system is CONTINUOUS How it works is taken from this pdf Series 2000
20000 Portable Building McGregor Portables 9.6 x 7.2 NC817 Portable building set up as a test kitchen with air conditioned meeting area and office space. Includes a dry storage area, dedicated chiller room including refrigeration, cooking and prep area.
20001 Portable Building McGregor Portables 9.5 x 7.1 Portable building set up as an office, QA and employee change area with toilets. 3 phase power in.
20003 Mincer Kilia WAW220 Technical data: Hopper capacity: 400 liters Max yield: 12,000 Kg / hour Electric power: 71 Kw Description: Stainless steel chopper at an angle 5 elements cutting set 2-speed work screw and 2-speed feed screw separately adjustable Possibility of working with frozen meat up to -5 ° C depending on the cutting set Plate diameter: 220 mm

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