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MKH-6 Multipack End Load Cartoner

The MKH-6 end load cartoner is an adjustable machine capable of feeding different sizes and quantities of multi-pack products.

  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Combines continuous-motion production with an intermittent system, running both at the same time to enable an increase in the speed of the box-erecting and closing system
  • Production speed of 300 bars per minute


The MKH-6 end load cartoner provides a soft and smooth product feeding into the box, using the Double Pocket Conveyor (DPC) servo system.

The machine has the capability of disconnecting the in-feed system, and any special or extra feeder unit can be quickly and easily added in the future.

This new cartoner was specially designed to replace the top load cartoner and save the additional costs of a carton erector, robot and closing machine. The MKH-6 is a flexible, all-in-one machine!

The MKH-6 is a cost-saving solution for multi-pack products such as bars, snacks, cookie sleeves, and any other flow-wrapped products.

In addition, the MKH-6 saves space on the production floor, requires low maintenance and saves energy.


  • bars
  • sachets
  • cookies


Production Speed
Speed300 bars per minute

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