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Flex-Link Conveyor EM

This is a brand new conveyor fitted with a variable speed controller, and can be supplied wired or unwired.
Modular system EM - light products
EM is a pre-engineered conveyor system suitable for light applications in the packaging industry. The modular concept allows simplified engineering and ordering as well as reduced installation time. Examples of application areas are aerosol cans, plastic bottles, coffee and tea packages.
Dimensions: 85mm W x 2430mm L x 1000mm H (adjustable)
Direction: Right to Left
Motor: 3HP AC output, 1.6Kva, 200 - 240V,
Temperature: 10 - 40 °C
HAWK Inverter (speed controller)

The FlexLink conveyor is based on an aluminium conveyor beam with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain. The high flexibility and the wide range makes it possible to use the conveyor in both permanent lines as well as in flexible modularised solutions. Solutions based on FlexLink conveyors are used in all major industries.
Significant features for the conveyor is:
" Short time to install and take in use
" Wide standard assortment assures that the solution is well tailored for the application
" High reliability
" Easy to rebuild and reuse
" FDA approved materials for food applications
" ESD protection for electronic and electrical industry
" Capability for clean environments and qualified clean rooms

The FlexLink conveyor systems that are developed for clean environments are today capable to run in applications in qualified clean rooms. FlexLink conveyors are used in clean environments in the pharmaceutical, the electronic and the automotive industry as well as in productions of personal products.
Lockable castors.

The conveyors canl be either 2400-mm or 4800-mm long and will be fitted with standard XM plain chain and UHMW slide rail. A double width-adjustable guide rail system is included. The guide rail is 12-mm diameter stainless steel rod and the guide rail brackets will be spaced at approximately a metre. The conveyors are supported on tripod feet with either height adjustable mounts or with lockable castors. Each conveyor drive will be fitted with fixed speed SEW motor gearbox unit.
In addition, options are included for the conveyors to be extended by 2500-mm, both before and after market.

4800-mm long $ 8,244 fixed feet or $ 9,912 with lockable castors
2500-mm extension $ 2,556 fixed feet or $ 3,228 with lockable castors
2500-mm extension - after market $ 2,712 fixed feet or $ 3,384 with lockable castors
Motor starter, 3-m lead, 3-phase plug $ 480
VSD, overload, 3-m lead, 1-phase plug $ 1,010
Lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks.
Size/Capacity:85mm W x 2400mm L
Stock Number:MATH7938S
Serial Number:MATH7938S
Condition:Brand New

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