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PFANKUCH Sheet Feeder/Card Inserter ASB-380-K

The side-guided magazine holds up to a 20" stack of product and runs at a speed of 380ft minute maximum. The material pile leans slightly forward towards a shape front guide to ensure minimum pressure on the bottom sheet.

The PFANKUCH shaped backrest helps the products to slide gently into the feed position under the unique PFANKUCH contra rotating stripper wheels. Profiled antistatic feed belts separate the lowest piece of the pile and bring to damage free into the standby position for feeding into the production run. The self-adjusting, photo optical double and misfeed control insures flawless function.

The feed signal for the product comes from an electronic start sensor. The product is ejected from a pre-checked standby position. This limits the feed action to a fraction of a second.

The Touch Panel of the PFANKUCH VS-2000 Dialog-Processor controls all PFANKUCH feeder functions. Peripheral functions such as Auto Loaders are powered and guided by the unique PFANKUCH compact control system.
Main Unit Footprint: 565mm Width x 585mm Length x 475mm Height.
Auxiliary Enclosure Footprint: 110mm Width x 330mm Length x 230mm Height.
Size/Capacity:380 ft/min.
Stock Number:MATH6109S

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