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San Tung Doy Pouch Machine AGM-A1

This Doy Pouch Filler & Sealer is highly regarded in the food manufacturing industry.It is reliable,simple to operate & clean as well as being GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY!

- Powder, granule, kernel, liquid, paste products. Sugar, rice, salt, beans, seeds, nuts, detergent, candy, meatball, etc (Solid/Grain).
- Soup, juice, ketchup, curry & tomato paste, shampoo etc (Liquid).

Capacity: 25-30 packs/min
Bag Size: 100-200 (W) x 150-300 (L) mm
Filling Range: Max 2Kg
Electric Power: AC220V 1HP
Air Compressor: 3HP

1. Bag size can be alternated quickly. All contact parts plus casing are manufactured of stainless steel and the unit can be disassembled easily for cleaning and maintenance.
2. The machine can be connected to an Automatic Liquid Paste Filling machine to pack liquid or paste products.
3. All functions performed fully automatically, including magazine bag feeding, filling, sealing, date coding, discharging.
4. Maximum weight of content is 2 kilograms per bag.
Size/Capacity:25-30 packs/min (product & pack size dependent)
Bag Size: 100-200 (W) x 150-300 (L) mm
Stock Number:PVFF20500S
Serial Number:95037

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