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Urschel Dicer/ Strip Cutter L-A

The URSCHEL L-A is ideally suited for dicing or strip cutting products such as celery, fresh or brined peppers, mushrooms, orange, lemon and grapefruit peels.

This particular machine was used to slice and dice dried fruit. At present, this unit has an infeed designed to suit the particular products processed by the previous owner.

General information:
The URSCHEL L-A is used often in the dried fruit industry.
The product to be diced or strip cut is placed in the open hopper and into the feed opening.

Thickness of the product to be cut must not be greater than 1/2" [13mm] The product then falls onto the outside surface of a feed drum 12" [305mm] in diameter.

A feed roll, 4" [102mm] in diameter, is mounted over the feed drum and is adjustable to suit product thickness.

This feed roll meshes with the circular knives insuring a positive transfer of product to the knives. The product is held flat between the drum and roll and forced into the rotating circular knives, which cut strips from it.

The circular knives engage slots in the surface of the large feed drum, insuring clean cutting and separation of strips .The strip cut product is removed from the circular knives by a stripper plate which also acts as a shear edge for the cross cut knives.

As product is ejected from the circular knives, the strips are cut into squares by the cross cut knives.

Types of Cut:
Many sizes of cuts are possible by combining the various selections of circular knife spacing with different crosscut knife spindles. (all to be purchased separately)
Circular knives: 1/4 to 1" [6.4 to 25mm]
Crosscut knives: 1/4 to 3" [6.4 to 76mm]
The machine is fully stainless steel constructed, and is mounted on an RHS frame that is supported on castors.
Nett weight 295 kg
Size/Capacity:750kg - 3000kg/hr product dependant.
Stock Number:SLIC20495S
Serial Number:NA

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