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Cretors Hot Air Popcorn Popper FT40RPPA-2-RSM-X

Cretors' Air-Popping Equipment is specially engineered to provide a fluidized bed of air around the popcorn. This patented method ensures that your production process maximizes your rate of efficiency.
Capacity: 18 kg (40lbs)
Wattage: 10,000
Voltage: (3 Phase-50Hz)

Advantages to Air-Popping Advantages to Oil-Popping
Oil Popping?

1. Dry-Popping requires about 25% less oil than wet popping.
2. Air-Popping produces a more uniform popped corn than oil popping.
3. Less labor required - more automated process.
4.Dry-Popping makes a less expensive base on which you can add many savory or sweet flavors.
5.The oil applied to the popcorn after air popping is more stable and provides a longer shelf-life than the hot oil used in oil
6.The sprayed oil is more evenly spread around the popped corn than the oil absorbed in an oil popper.
7. Air-Popping production lines are easier to clean.

Size/Capacity:Capacity: 40 lbs
Stock Number:FOOD20217S
Serial Number:15010228

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