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IOPAK Tank with High Speed Emulsifier Cleanskin500, TRH140-7.5

This vessel with a high speed emulsifier was used in a food manufacturing facility.
Mixing Tank Details
Standard Material: SUS304
Capacity: 500L (product dependent)
Physical Dimensions: 1000mm x 612mm D (+ 120mm- conical bottom)
Overall height on legs: 1262mm
Fitted with:
- Lid
-Strengthened section for clamp weight
-Butterfly valve (2"/ 50mm)
- Sturdy legs with braces
Fitted with an IOPAK High Shear Batch Mixer/Emulsifier.Model: TRH140-7.5
It has a Slotted Disintegrating Head.

Emulsifiers are used for many applications but is very useful for the disintegration of fibrous materials such as animal and vegetable tissue. It is also used as well for the disintegration and solubilisation of elastic materials such as rubbers and polymers.
Working Capacity: 200-800L @ 2,800RPM
Motor Size: 7.5kW 3 Phase
Contact material SUS316
Shaft length 850mm

Eliminate agglomerates and "fish eyes"
Create stable emulsions and suspensions
Reduce particle size
Rapidly dissolve solids
Accelerate reaction
Stand is an optional extra.

Dimensional Information.
D = 156mm
D1 = 235mm
H1 = 850mm
D2 = 280mm
D3 = 330mm
H = 1,520mm
G = 8mm x 16mm Diameter
Model:Cleanskin500, TRH140-7.5
Size/Capacity:Overall tank size 500L.
Emulsifier: Working Capacity: 200-800L @ 2,800RPM
Motor Size: 7.5kW 3 Phase
Stock Number:MIXE20126S
Serial Number:20126

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