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Anritsu X-Ray Inspection Machine (Bulk Products) KD7305ABW

The KD7305ABW is used to detect contaminants in unpackaged bulk products, such as meat, fish, etc., when X-ray leakage prevention curtains cannot be used.
1. Short length (1570 mm)
2. Less than 1 µSv/h X-ray leakage (without X-ray leakage prevention curtains)
3. IP66-compliant conveyor
4. 50-mm detection height and 240-mm detection width (KD7305ABW)
Size/Capacity:This unit is faulty.
Prod Size: Max 5kg (50m/min)
Prod Size: Max 240(W) Max 50 (H)
Temp: 0 deg C ~ 35 deg C
Weight: 250kg
Stock Number:METD20124S
Serial Number:4600022768

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