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Pieralisi Decanter Centrifuge (Olive Oil Extraction) Super 1

This PIERALISI Extraction type Decanter Super1 was used in the OLIVE OIL Industry.It appears to be an earlier model of the Vanguard 3502 Series
Bowl revolution [rpm] 3500
Installed power [kW] 11
Bowl diameter [mm] 353
(Above to be confirmed)

A decanter is used for the separation of two or more phases of different specific gravity, in particular for the clarifying of liquids in which
suspended solids are present. The separation of solids and liquids takes place within a cylindrical/conical rotating bowl, upon the periphery of which the heavier solid phase collects and is continually removed by the internal conveyor.
A polyelectrolyte, suitably chosen for its type and specific characteristics, may be added to the product being fed to the machine in
order to improve the solidliquid separation.
The polyelectrolyte favours the aggregation and thus the easier capture of the solids/ particles. A polyelectrolyte is not always compatible with products being processed. It is generally used in purification processes for the drying of sludge, but not in intermediate product conversion processes, and even less in the processing of foodstuffs.
[ extract from Pieralisi brochure]
Country of origin: Italy
Model:Super 1
Size/Capacity:Installed power [kW] 11
Bowl diameter [mm] 353
(Above to be confirmed)
Stock Number:CENT20071S
Serial Number:914833

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