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OctoFrost Fluid Bed IQF Freezer 2/1 manufactured 2015

OctoFrost fluid bed IQF freezer. Freezing meat dice and vegetable. Installed in 2016.
Capacity - (Product and Size Dependent)
Up to 500kg/hr
Up to 1350kg/hr of frozen peas
Up to 1350kg/hr on peas

The frozen products preserve its natural shape, smell, color and volume, for a Natural Appearance.
Premium product appearance and low dehydration contribute to High Yield.
Hygienic mono-block design and an effective Clean In Place system put Food Safety in focus.
The efficient aerodynamics and the unique OctoFrost™ technology insures Energy Efficiency.
One of the most challenging aspects when freezing IQF tropical fruit such as IQF banana and IQF mango is to achieve good separation and preserve their taste, smell and texture. Some products are extremely sticky due to their naturally high sugar content and they will easily stick together in lumps or blocks.

The benefit of OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel is that is designed with up to five (5) freezing zones that quickly freeze the surface of the fruits avoiding dehydration and lump formation. The aerodynamics and movement of the bedplates ensure that there will be no belt marks on the product surface, nor damage on the product corners.

Depending on the ripeness of the product, the additional features of the pulsator, bed vibrator or the wave plate will effortlessly separate the products, creating a perfect output and keeping the fruits' delicate natural color and shape. The IQF technology developed by OctoFrost is one of the most innovative ways of freezing all kinds of IQF tropical fruit, such as IQF mango, avocado, banana or pineapple, without compromising with their color, texture, smell and taste.

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Model:2/1 manufactured 2015
Size/Capacity:Up to 500kg/hr
Up to 1350kg/hr of frozen peas
Up to 1350kg/hr on peas
(Product and Size Dependent)
Stock Number:REFR19991N
Serial Number:7175

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