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Arenco Sprinter Carton Erector and Closer / Sealer TEXAS M1000-IG + CALIFORNIA

The ARENCO Texas is a compact box and tray former platform with quick size change for carton and corrugated board.
Box Size (mm)
With standard tools,
Texas M1000, Single head machine
Max Length: 490 mm
Max Width: 250 mm
Max Height: 150 mm
Max Width + Height:280 mm
X: 660 (see pdf drawing)
Y: 700 (see pdf drawing)
Min Length:90 mm
Min Width: 55 mm
Min Height: 20mm
Max Width + Height:75 mm
X: 120 mm (see pdf drawing)
Y: 95 mm (see pdf drawing)
Pdf attached
ARENCO TEXAS M1000 works in conjunction with THE CALIFORNIA.

The CALIFORNIA is a fully automatic, angle built compact three flap closer working with hot melt glue system. Both carton and corrugated board in a wide range of sizes can be handled. By the use of hand wheels in combination with
meters showing the set size, you can make ready for operation with a new size in only 2-3 minutes. No adjustment or tuning is required after the change of size.
Box Sizes
Max Length:290 mm
Max Width: 185/*200 mm
Max Height: 90/*110 mm

Min Length:*65/80 mm
Min Width: *80/100 mm
Min Height: 20mm
NB * Capacity depends on paper quality and box size
Operating speed: Up to 70 boxes per minute.( Conditions apply)
Pdf attached
Both the TEXAS & CALIFORNIA are fitted with ROBATECH Glueing Technology
An EVOLUTION Inkjet Printer comes with the system
Size/Capacity:Operating speed: Up to 70 boxes per minute.
* Capacity depends on paper quality and box size
Stock Number:PCAR19927S
Serial Number:90-110178 90-110179

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