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KANTO SS-501 Planetary Mixer with Bowl Loader and Trolleys

This KANTO Planetary Mixer was used in the baking industry. It has been replaced by the
HPi-200.It comes with a spare bowl and accessories.
Full Capacity: 205L
Stainless steel bowl:
Inside diameter 750mm
Depth: 530mm
Rotation speed(rpm)
Speed at 1 =75rpm
Speed at 2 =100rpm
Speed at 3= 163rpm
Speed at 4= 225 rpm
Speed at 5 = 50rpm
Speed at 6 = 75rpm
Speed at 7 = 100rpm
Optimal rotation speed (Min~Max) 58~284rpm
Mixing Motor: 7.5kW
Size/Capacity:Full Capacity: 205L
Stainless steel bowl:
Stock Number:MIXE19681S
Serial Number:1398

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