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A&B Process Systems Jacketed Tank with anchor type stirrer COOL TANK

This A B PROCESS SYSTEMS vertical, cylindrical,jacketed s/s tank with an anchor type stirrer & side wall Teflon scrapers.
Was used for invert sugar syrup.
Dimensions: 1400mm OD X 1250mm H
Volume: 200 gallons overall capacity
approx. 750 Litres

Height of legs: 500mm
Manhole size on top of tank: 500mm
Motor Size: 2.2kW, Ratio 97:14
Details stamped on Tank:
DP. Atmosphere (Shell) Jacket/Tube 75 PSI
DT: 167 Deg F (Shell) Jacket/Tube: 200 Deg F
Had Test : - (Shell) Jacket/Tube 113 PSI
Size/Capacity:Volume: 200 gallons overall capacity, approx. 750 Litres
Stock Number:JTNK19339S
Serial Number:90848310-1

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