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GEA UniMix UNIMIX1500 Twin Shaft Mixer (designed for meat etc)

The GEA UniMix twin-shaft mixers are ideal for extended products such as hamburger patties, meatballs, luncheon meat and ground sausages, and pre-mixing for wiener and frankfurter emulsions.

The effective mixing action with high peripheral wing speed gives good protein extraction,
uniform distribution of spices, additives and liquids, and provides effective salt activation.
Technical Details:
Hull volumes: 1500 L
Hull capacity (to top of wings): 1248 L
Height :1847 mm
Width: 1692 mm
Depth: 1921 mm
Mixing possibilities range from gentle stirring to mixing/blending and intensive protein extraction. Thanks to a square mixer hull
geometry and carefully balanced ratio between paddle area and paddle pitch, the GEA UniMix has a highly efƂcient mixing effect.
The mixing wings are independently driven by two motors and single-speed drive with soft starter is standard, while programmable variable speed is optional. The minimal clearances between mixing wings and hull ensure that powders and other additives are thoroughly mixed in.
Flexible mixing from gentle stirring to intensive protein extraction
• Ideal for fresh and frozen meat and fresh/frozen mixtures
• Effective mixing action with high peripheral wing speed
• Good volume utilization with short mixing and discharge times
• Minimum product residue and cross-mixing of batches • Excellent distribution and absorption of liquids, spices and additives
Size/Capacity:Hull volumes: 1500 L
Hull capacity (to top of wings): 1248 L
Stock Number:MIXE19214S
Serial Number:63311

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