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Seal Pack Benchtop Tray Sealer Benchtop SP-7101A

SEAL PACK Semi Automatic Benchtop Film Lidding Machine - Tray.
Applicable Products:
Lunch box, frozen fresh food, meat, seafoods , etc.
Outstanding Features and Construction:
* Fully automatic operations. Once the box is loaded, it is fed into the machine for sealing operation, and outfeed automatically after sealing.
* Compact construction, minimum space occupied, and very easy to operate.
* Full stainless steel construction meets sanitation requirements.
* Automatic product raising to facilitate take-out.
* Equipped with an emergency stop switch for safety protection.
Model:Benchtop SP-7101A
Size/Capacity:Current tooling for a square tub 100 x 100mm
Max depth 90mm
Stock Number:PSEA19187S
Serial Number:2039

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