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HOSODA KYOGO 5B + 3B Cooker/Chiller (Continuous Basket Type - All s/s)

This s/s HOSODA KYOGO Cooker/Chiller (Continuous Basket Type) Model 5B + 3B was previously used for the preparation of spaghetti.
Capacity: 8 Kg/basket
1 Cycle: 118 seconds
Capacity of Raw Material: 244 Kg/hr
Capacity After Cooking (pasta has water absorption): 580 Kg/hr
No. of Baskets: 8 (5 x Cooking, 3 x Cooling)
YOM: 2004

Electrical is 3 phase, 415 Volts, 10 Amps 5 pin plug.
Steam consumption from an external boiler (not provided) is 250kg of steam per hour.
Model:5B + 3B
Size/Capacity:Previous Use: Spaghetti
Capacity: 8 Kg/basket
1 Cycle: 118 seconds
Capacity: 244 Kg/hr
Capacity After Cooking: 580 Kg/hr
Stock Number:COOK18449S
Serial Number:18449

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