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Lead Technology MKH-3 Fully Auto Horizontal Intermittent, End Load Cartoner

SIX reasons why the MKH3 Lead Cartoner
is becoming a Global Standard
1. Smallest footprint of any machine-compact design
2. Super easy setup and change over to
different size cartons
3. Best price to quality ratio in the industry
(more bang for your buck)
4. Easy to clean, maintain
5. Elegant design with simple operation
6. Wide range, fully adjustable
Bags, toys, tooth-brushes, tubes, medicals, panty shields, bottles,jars, cans, wafers etc.

The MKH-3 series is a fully automatic Horizontal End Load cartoner designed for 'economical cartoning solutions'.
Intermittent motion enables the handling of a large range of carton sizes and speeds, meeting a variety of needs.
Ideally suited for mid range speed applications with the ability to load multiple components within a single carton.
Speed up to 40 cartons /min (can get 50 cartons /min at extra cost - product dependent)
Box sizes range
Min:120mm L x 20mm W x 20mm H
Max: 280mm L x 190mm W x 90mm H
Prices are quoted ex works, PPN Melbourne and include setup for 1 size carton
- Servo Drive
- Tuck-In Style
- Tuck-In + Glue Style
- Carton shape triangle & other as requested
- Date Coding
- Right left version available
- Leaflet System
- Stainless steel construction
- Adjustable Magazine
Size/Capacity:Speed up to 40 cartons /min (can get 50 cartons /minute at extra cost)
Stock Number:PCAR18048G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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