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KREBS ENGINEERING SSTM Scrape-sided mixer (s/s tilting jacketed with lid)

This extremely solid s/s scrape sided mixer was used in the confectionery industry. It is fitted with a jacket for heating or cooling as well as a pouring lift.

Approximately 470mm overall
Bowl Dimensions: 970mm ID x 620mm D
- Fitted with pouring lip
- Scraper configuration- 2 scrapers fitted with teflon blades which scrape both sides and bottom. 2 x Scrapers for bottom scraping only
- Tilt mechanism
- Pouring lip
- Water jacket - heat or cool
- Lid fitted with rectangular inlet (310mm x 360mm ) for product dispersal
- Safety Limit switch on lid.
- Bottom mounted motor for driving scraper/mixer arms (SEW geared 3kW - 1390rpm 119.02)
Size/Capacity:Approximately 470mm overall
Bowl Dimensions: 970mm ID x 620mm D
Stock Number:MIXE17672S
Serial Number:17672

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