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YSTRAL Batch Emulsifier 1 8000 I/LOI-4

The Ystral Dispermix is used when simple mixing is not sufficient, but dispersing with a high-shear rotor-stator system is too intensive.

The Dispermix causes intensive mixing in both the micro and macro range of the product and simultaneously disperses the product completely in one operation. It offers optimum mixing and dispersing energy, high economy of operation and simple handling to fulfill the needs of any demanding production process.

Together with the Dispermix stator, a fast rotating rotor creates two streams directed in different directions. A partial vertical stream is directed to the bottom of the vessel.

There it is diverted and causes strong turbulence in the whole vessel. The second partial stream is redirected horizontally and forced to pass through the dispersing zone of the Dispermix head.

Turbulence in the Dispermix head and a strong vertical upheaval are mandatory for an optimal mixing of the contents in a vessel. The patented Dispermix head works according to the principle of a rotor-stator-system and causes strong turbulence in the vessel as well as a particle size reduction of solids and agglomerates. For a Dispermix there is no " unfavourable" design of a vessel. Depending on the situation, the Dispermix may be installed onto a tank from the top, the bottom or as a side entry.
Because of its ability to offer micro- and macro-mixing, the Ystral Dispermix avoids the problems of using a streamlined and optimized stirring element, that provides a slow circulation of the contents of the vessel, but can't provide sufficient micro mixing and using a mixer, that starts to rotate the liquid, but is not able to mix the upper and lower layers of liquid.
Type: 1 8000 I/LOI-4
Motor No.: 3 069 299
Voltage: 415V, 50Hz
Amps: 39.5 A
Motor: 22 kW
1,465 U/min
Model:1 8000 I/LOI-4
Size/Capacity:22kW Motor and shaft length 1040mm
Stock Number:HOMO17494S
Serial Number:13387388

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