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RUHLE Dicer SR-1

Meat, fish, vegetables or butter, the SR-1 reduces just about all foods to cubes. slices or strip cuts.
Connected load: 1,5 kW / 16 A
Width of shaft: 100 mm
Height of shaft: 100 mm
Length of shaft: 350 mm
Section length: 1 - 32 mm
Sections: 80 pro/min
Cutting temperature: -5°C - +80°C
Cutting output: 900 kg max.
Standard grid-sizes: 5, 10, 20, 50 / 6, 12, 24, 50 / 7, 15, 30 50 (not supplied)
It only takes 10 seconds to change over the multiplex grids.This makes fully automatic cutting of even small amounts profitable.You save time for preparation, cleaning and, because everything works so simple, you avoid operating errors.

The multiplex grid
It only takes one grid frame and two grid halves to produce 10 different cut-sizes. Thatâ™s why you can have the complete equipment and the greatest flexibility at a low cost.
Whether portioning, small cubes or large stripes, you have complete variety, even up to cutlets, roulades or steaks.
Pdf brochure attached
Size/Capacity:Cutting output: 900 kg max.
Stock Number:SLIC17482S

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