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KING Pump Filler (Positive Displacement with Impeller) Technofill KT 340

This bench top KING Model Technofill KT 340 is designed for medium viscous liquids. (Not suitable for heavy viscous or abrasive liquids) This unit was used in a cosmetics/toiletries manufacturing plant.

The principle of the design is to use a positive displacement pump driven by a DC Motor. The revolutions are counted and at the end of the count, the motor is braked.

A timer circuit operates and then the motor is switched on again for another filling cycle. The counter has a direct relation to the fill. The counter registers 6 (six) counts per pump rev.

The counter is preset and a speed controller controls the flow rate. The counter on the KT 340 doses up to 4 litres.
- Easy cleaning , as cleansing agent can be pumped through (CIP)
- Portable
- No change parts
- One minute tear- down
Model:Technofill KT 340
Size/Capacity:Can dose up to 4 litres
Impeller Type Pump
Stock Number:FILL17454S
Serial Number:230

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