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FRITSCH Sprinkling /Strewing or Topping Unit Strewer

FRITSCH Sprinkling/Strewing Unit.
Go ahead, sprinkle whatever you like.

A FRITSCH seeder / topper can handle any and all sprinkled material, ranging from flour to the widest variety of sugar types (powdered, coarse grain and crystal); from seeds (poppy, sesame, linseed, sunflower, pumpkin, etc.) to spices of all sorts and typical baker specialties like streusel, raisins, nuts or, on the zesty side, grated cheese and paprika and ham strips.

FRITSCH seeder/toppers will also sprinkle your pastries to uniform perfection with pieces of fruit (from apricots and apples, for example) or with cherries or blackberries. Chocolate chips, anyone?

If all this isn't enough to make your mouth water, then let us add that FRITSCH seeder / toppers have received unanimous praise from those in the know not only for their uniform sprinkling, but also for their reliably steady flow: Thus is any arching in the conveyed dough avoided from the very beginning.

Moreover, even the coldest calculation will warm your heart when you learn that FRITSCH strewing units can be combined with fully-automatic feed systems: This opens up great potential for valuable rationalization of your operations.

Sprinkling section : Approx 1000mmL
Electrics: Variable speed, 5.4A, 0.55Kw, Single phase
Size/Capacity:Sprinkling section : Approx 1000mmL
Stock Number:BAKE17438S
Serial Number:663143111859694

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