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FRYMA KORUMA Homogenizing,Mixing/Dispersing Unit (horizontal homogenizer) DH V120/85

This FrymaKoruma Homogenizing, Mixing and Dispersing Unit, Type DH V120/85 was designed for the manufacture of:
Mustard, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Marinades, processed cheese, toothpastes, cosmetics etc.

It is a processing unit for the cost-effective manufacture of emulsions and suspensions over a wide viscosity range.

Key Advantages
- Dual concept results in the optimum homogenizing tool for every product
- Reduction of process time up to 60%
- High product reproducibility
- De-aeration
- Efficient heat exchange
- Easy exchange of the homogenizer
- Standardization results in short delivery times
Technical Data
Power supply standard 415 V / 3 phases, 50 Hz
Hydraulic Motor : For lifting mixer arm clear of vessel: 7.5kW
Mixer/Scraper Motor: 0.75kW
- Material Specifications
Parts in contact with the product made of stainless chrome-nickel steel 1.4404, .4435 / AISI 316L or 1.4571 / AISI 316Ti
-Material other parts 1.4301 / AISI 304
Operating Conditions
-Temperature: from 0° - 140°C
-Air humidity: from 0 - 80%
-Ambient air: as dust-free as possible
Certified Pressure: 600kPa
Registration: V1022683

Functional Description
Solids and liquids with good flow properties are fed direct to the homogenizing tool via the vacuum unit (which also prevents the undesired ingress of air) and are deglomerated down to 1 microns in size and then dispersed.

The recirculation line returns the product back to the vessel. This, plus the special scraper-stirrer, generates the additional macro-mixing by means of vertical convection.

The conical shape of the vessel floor routes the product to the single-chamber homogenizing system, where the entire procedure is repeated.
Vessel capacity in litres: 120
Batch size in litres: 20-85

The machine is emptied either by means of a discharge valve at the homogenizer or via the recirculation line downstream of the homogenizer.
Model:DH V120/85
Size/Capacity:Vessel capacity in litres: 120
Batch size in litres: 20-85L
Stock Number:MILL16518S
Serial Number:3348

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