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STERIFLO UV Water Disinfection System CX2

This STERIFLO unit was used in a large dairy plant for water treatment.
Model CX2
Serial Number: 744
Electrics: 170watts
Inlet/Outlet Size: 50mm
Treatment Chamber Dimensions: 150mm ID X 980mm L
Lamp Current: 800mA
No of lamps -2 (not included)

Fitted with
The Davey Steriflo UV water disinfection system is an effective and economical means of eliminating harmful bacteria from drinking water supplies. It can also be used for small scale waste water disinfection at reduced flow rates.

UV is commonly used for water disinfection on a wide range of water sources by many local councils, the food, dairy and brewing industries and by thousands of private consumers to ensure their water is safe to drink.

UV light at the wavelength generated by the lamp in a Davey Steriflo unit, is lethal to most micro-organisms as it damages their ability to reproduce. The organism is then no longer viable as it cannot grow to cause infection or be counted on a culture plate.

It has been shown that cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium are inactivated by UV, but the water has to be very clean and free of particulate matter. Therefore filtration is part of all cyst control recommendations from Davey.

No chemicals.
No taste.
Impossible to overdose.
The design of the Davey Steriflow range of UV sterilisers is intended to provide many years of reliable operation at an economical price.
The treatment chambers are 304 stainless steel for cleanliness and long life.
Designed for continuous operation.
Treats cold water up to 45°C.
Maximum flow rates up to 130lpm.
Suitable for portable water and food industry use.
All wetted components are USDA listed.
Disassembly for cleaning of the quartz sleeve is quick and user friendly with positive sealing at both ends.
Durable construction, with power supply enclosure constructed from polyester powder coated steel.

Size/Capacity:Chamber: 150mm ID x 980mmL
Stock Number:HEAT14223S
Serial Number:744

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