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JOHNSON Horizontal scraped surface heat exchanger Votator

The unit was previously used for texturisation of chocolate paste.
Name Plate Details -
Design Press (N/mm) 1.379²
Hydraulic Test Press (N/mm) 2.07²
Design Temp (Deg C) 195
Cap (Litres) 11.51
Medium Water
Design Press (N/mm) 3.45²
Hydraulic Test Press (N/mm) 5.18²
Design Temp (Deg C) 195
Cap (Litres) 2.5
Medium: Chocolate Paste.

Year of Manufacture 1984
The unit features a water cooling system to the inner shaft.
Footprint - Width 595mm: Depth 1840mm
Height 1320mm
Jacket dimensions: OD340 mm, ID 230 mm, and length 560 mm
Motor: 4kW
Gearbox Reduction: 235 rpm
Ratio: 2:!
Scraper speed: 117.5 rpm
Size/Capacity:Heat Exchange Area - 0.4 cubic mtrs
Stock Number:HEAT13529S

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