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PepsiCo Sakata Snackfoods Plant Sale

Elpack Complete Weighing and Bagging Line (5x forming shoulders)

This ELPACK GRST-10 Head Multihead Weigher was used with an ELPACK GL-250C VFFS Bagging Machine. Included in the package is the painted platform for the weigher, access stairs for the platform and a painted outfeed conveyor. There are also 6 sets of forming shoulders for the bagging machine. Number of weigh channels: 10 Weigh Range: 1000gr Weighing Accuracy: 0.8gr Weighing Speed: 65/min ma...

Anko Flat Bread Production Line

The Anko LAP-2200 is capable of pressing dough into an extremely thin, almost transparent layer. The machine can make any type of flat, thin bread made with oil or shortening. This includes various Italian types of bread made with oil and herbs, some types of tortillas and pita breads. The machine was producing Chinese green scallion pies, which have flat, thin, circular and and slightly fl...

Ishida Linear Weigher with Stand

This system consists of the following items: - Linear Weigher - Stand Specifications: Weigh Range: Max 1,000 gms Weigh Volume: Max 3,000 cc Capacity: Max 15 weighs/min Accuracy: X=0.5 gms Minimum Display: 0.1 grams Year of Manufacture 2003...