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IOPAK 3,600Ltr Jacketed & Insulated Melting Trough

Overall Capacity: 3,600 Ltr Jacketed and Insulated As heat added to heating rack, oil block melted into trough. Trough has heating tubes. After complete melting, oil will flow to outlet via mesh strainer....

IOPAK 4,000Ltr Jacketed Mixing Tank

Overall Capacity: 4,300 Ltr Working Capacity: 4,000 Ltr Material Constructions: SUS304 Stirrer: 2.2kW, 47rpm, 50Hz, 415V Internal Diameter: 1,650 mm Overall Diameter: 1,750 mm Overall Height: 3,926 mm Outlet Height: 1,000 mm Off Floor Outlet Valve: 2" Manual Butterfly Valve Manhole: 600 mm Diameter...

IOPAK Butter, Chocolate or Fat 25kg Frozen Block Melting Tank

This new IOPAK stainless steel melting tank is designed to handle standard 25kg blocks of chocolate, fat or pastry butter. Pastry Butter has been specifically developed for laminated pastry applications and has a higher melting point than standard butter. The higher melting point (37 Degrees C ) gives a better performance in warm bakery conditions and makes a firmer, more robust pastry. ...