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Australian Made 500 L tank with dished sealable lid

This tank was used in a food manufacturing plant. It is extremely sturdy, being constructed of thicker plate than is usual. 500L (550L overall) Dimensions: 1050mm Dia. x 605mm Bottom sloping towards 50mm side outlet. Fitted with 2 sightglasses, one in either side. Sight glasses are graduated to 500L The lid is dished and is fitted with a seal and s/s clamps. The tank is fitted with lockable...

Austenitic Aseptic Tank (Full Vacuum) with brake winch

This unit was used in the Food Industry as an Aseptic tank and is capable of full vacuum.It is currently fitted with a Pacific Brake Hand winch.BHW- 800kg W.I.L.L. - 370kg. Serial 0809087 WP: 150 K.P.A & Full Vacuum Test Pressure:(TP} 225 K.P.A. Date: 20.02.1992 Design Temperature (DT) 150 Deg C Diameter: 1400mm Overall Height from Floor to top; 2300mm Serial No: AVF 153 Des .App. V11309...