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IOPAK Rotary Sifter (Rotary Sieve)

This mobile s/s rotary sifter was used in the food industry. Details: Screens: 300mm ID x 640mm L Apertures: 1mm and 2mm Revs per Minute: 1000-2000rpm Aperture Size: 125mm ID Outlet size: 950mm to hang a bag for collection Electrics: 2.2kW, 415V, 5.5A, IP.54, 50 - 100Hz....

Australian Made Rotating Paddle Sieve/Screen

This rotating paddle screen sieve was used in a dairy type product manufacturing facility. It is currently fitted with a fairly coarse half screen which is easily removed for sanitising. Teflon tipped scraper paddles push product through the screen.Product was possibly wet and viscous. Barrel size: 400mm ID x 700mm L ...