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Nestle Blacktown Plant Sale

Cavecchi Type Cheese Grater Machine with Pneumatic Push

This good used cheese grater was used in a dairy plant. It would be ideal for cheese, pasta or pizza manufacturers. Material: SUS 304 Grater Mechanism: Very quick & easily removable toothed grating ring. Holes are approx 5mm in diameter. The infeed sections is approx. 350 x 280 x 160mm (lLx W x H) Discharge height is 900mm Motor Size: 5.5kW, 3 Phase 415 Volts Hourly production - 200/300...

Japanese Made Frozen Block Chipper

Product temperature, C 2 - 15 Butter block sizes, mm up to 420 (length) x 310 (width) x 340 (height) All details are nominal regarding sizes. Air compression, MPa (kg/cm) 0,45 - 0,6 (4,5 - 6,0) Air consumption, m/min up to 0,43 at pressure of 6 kg/cm Rated power input, kW 1.6 Voltage, V 220-240 Frequency, Hz 48-62 Overall dimensions, mm Height 2300mm Weight, kg 365...

Gram Fruit or Ingredient Feeder (Various spare augers)

The sky is the limit for your ice cream product. You can add virtually any kind of ingredient to your product. With an Ingredient feeder from Gram Equipment to mix the ice cream together with your Ingredients, you can add delicious pieces of nuts, fruit or perhaps syrups to your product, making it even better. Ingredient Feeders are designed to provide controlled insertion of any ingredient...