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No. Item Make Model Size/Capacity Details
19991 Fluid Bed IQF Freezer OctoFrost 2/1 OctoFrost fluid bed IQF freezer. Freezing meat dice and vegetable. Installed in 2016. For more details from OctoFrost Website: Videos:
19992 Skid Mount Ammonia Package Frigoscandia 200L Complete stand-alone Mycom 200L refrigeration pack. Controls recently upgraded to incorporate a Siemens PLC, HMI and VSD. Condenser replaced in 2014, new enclosure and access stairs to condenser - stairs and roof mounted BAC Condenser are included.
19993 Kettles with Pumps and Bin Lifters on Platform Inox 2000L + 1000L Two Inox kettles, one 1000 litre and one 2000 litre on common platform with each cooker having its own pump and bin lifter.
19994 4 Rack Steam Oven with Cooling Section Vemag 4 rack steam oven with jacket cooling section.
19995 1000L Vacuum Tumbler with Jacket Cooling Inject Star Inject Star 1000L vacuum tumbler with jacket cooling.
19996 VSD Air Compressor Atlas Copco GA55VSD Atlas Copco VSD air compressor with desiccant dryer and enclosure. Less than 7,000 run hours. 175.2l/sec output at a max pressure of 13 bar. This unit is housed in a separate enclosure.
19997 Water Filter Filtross FMA-2010 FMA-2010 water filter with automated screen cleaning and a capacity of 45,000 litres per hour at 10 microns.
19998 Bratt Pan CLEVELAND 32 Amps
19999 Portable Building McGregor Portables 4.8 x 3.00 Portable building with toilet, shower, offices area and air-conditioning. Portable was set up to accommodate an AQIS inspector on site.
20000 Portable Building McGregor Portables 9.6 x 7.2 NC817 Portable building set up as a test kitchen with air conditioned meeting area and office space. Includes a dry storage area, dedicated chiller room including refrigeration, cooking and prep area.
20001 Portable Building McGregor Portables 9.5 x 7.1 Portable building set up as an office, QA and employee change area with toilets.
20002 Dicer _ Details to follow.
20003 Mincer _ Details to follow.
20004 Chipper _ Details to follow.

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