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SEIKENSHA IVO3XO6 Continuous Cooker/Extractor

This system mixes and cooks by utilising a stainless steel screw driving through a steam jacketed S/S barrel.
Solids enter the system via an overhead mounted feed hopper via an adjustable feed rate "gate" valve.

A facility exists for a liquid addition to the screw barrel, immediately following the solids entry point. The liquid feed is via an on board S/S 1/2" pump and 1/2" thick wall tubing.

The barrel diameter is 70mm and the effective screw length is 940mm. The screw begins with a pitch of 95mm at the infeed, and finishes with a pitch of 55mm at the outfeed end of the barrel.

A 75mm dia exit port is set at height of 930mm above floor level.
Driving force for the screw is provided from an 0.125 KW Electric motor/mechanical speed variator combination direct coupled to the screw.
Internal cleaning is effected by removing a "Triclover" type clamp at the end of the extruder which allows the screw to be fully withdrawn.

The steam system includes a 3/4" entry point, valving, pressure regulator, trap, gauges, and safety valve.

All wetted parts are of Stainless Steel whilst the mounting frame is fabricated of Mild Steel angle iron sections and mounted on jacking screws.
Footprint - Length 1650mm : Width 500mm
Height - 1630mm
Size/Capacity:3" Dia Screw.Product dependent
Stock Number:HEAT3424S
Serial Number:85201

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