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Hi-Cook DBC-53A Gas-Fired Fryer

This Hi- Cook fryer was used to fry various items for BENTO boxes in the catering industry.Items such as chicken karaage, tonkatsu, fried tofu, tempura prawns and vegetables etc It could be used for many other items such as potato cakes, croquettes, chicken nuggets, etc
Lunchbox catering fryer (Type DBC)
Blast type
- Hold down belt
- Shallow fryer which uses less oil
- Minimizes gas consumption, energy saving
- Manufactures delicious fries
- Caterpillar and net transport
- Upgraded hygienic standards
- Easily-dismantled conveyor frames
- Conveyors can be perfectly cleaned
- Touch panel and digitally operated
- Saving oil cost thanks to higher oil turnover rate
- Minimized oil volume saves oil costs
- Attains best HACCP standards.
- Touch panel offers complete digital operation controls.
- Core temp. sensor in outlet (option - not known currently)
- Reliable safety devices
- Environment-friendly fryer
- EOil Mist Catcher OMC (Option- not known currently)
- Built-in oil filtration unit (Option - not known currently)
- Cooling sedimentizing oil tank
- Stainless steel oil pan as a standard specs.
Size/Capacity:Product type dependent
Belt width 600mm
Belt Length 5300mm
Stock Number:COOK19810S
Serial Number:092293

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