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Hi-Cook DBC-53A Gas Fired Fryer

Lunchbox catering fryer (Type DBC)
Blast type
- Minimize gas consumption, energy saving
- Manufactures delicious fries
- Caterpillar and net transport
- Upgraded hygienic standards
- Easily-dismantled conveyor frames
- Conveyors can be perfectly cleaned
- Touch panel and digitally operated
- Saving oil cost thanks to higher oil turnover rate
- Minimized oil volume saves oil costs
- Attains best HACCP standards.
- Touch panel offers complete digital operation controls.
- Core temp. sensor in outlet (option - not known currently)
- Reliable safety devices
- Environment-friendly fryer
- EOil Mist Catcher OMC (Option- not known currently)
- Built-in oil filtration unit (Option - not known currently)
- Cooling sedimentizing oil tank
- Stainless steel oil pan as a standard specs.
Size/Capacity:Product type dependent
Belt width 600mm
Belt Length 5300mm
Stock Number:COOK19810S
Serial Number:092293

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