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SHINWA NWAFD/3Y2/175/6000S Retortable Tray Sealer

The Shinwa retortable tray sealing machine is very versatile and much used in the field of long life, shelf stable home meal replacements.

The machine includes a filler as well as sealer and is fitted with MAP facilities.

The machine was filling and sealing an oval shaped container which would be suitable for single portion meals or a generous helping of dessert.

Filler volume range : Max. Fill - 500cc (1/2ltr).

At present the machine is functioning as a 2 lane but dies can of course be changed.This unit was handling soups and dips.
Current size is 90mm diameter platens

This machine has highly accurate sealability thanks to a combination of line and roulette beta.

Power: 3 phase, 200V, 9A
Air: 6 bar/hr (1,200Nltr)
Cooling water supply: 10 ltr min
Nett w. 2,800kgs
Footprint: 7160mm L x 1100mm W x 2100mmH

Filler Shinwa YJ-20 1994 (as new)
High accuracy, all main parts such as hopper, cylinder etc (that contact with product) are s/s, easily switched between auto and manual operation.
Range: 100-300cc
Hopper: 35ltr
Power: single phase, 200V
Suitable for fruit sauce, jams, soups , dips etc
Size/Capacity:40 -60 min (product and size dependent)
Stock Number:PSEA1979S
Serial Number:3/22A

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