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Allfire Boilers & Combustion MLAC Gas Cooker / Mixer

This gas cooker with a scrape sided mixer was originally used in the food industry. Shortly after, it was modified slightly and used as brew/ fermetation tank in the beverage industry
Burner: Atmospheric
Fuel: Natural Gas
Gas Consumption: 60mj
Supply Pressure: 1.1kPa
Volume: 0.102 cubic metres
Swept Volume: 0.102 cubic metres
Compliance Plate: Type B Gas Appliance
ESV Acceptance Number: GA-5979
Appliance Serial No:: BK001
YOM: 2012
Size/Capacity:Capacity: 102 L
Swept Volume: 0.102 cubic metres
Stock Number:COOK19767S
Serial Number:BK001

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