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Anko LAP-2200 Flat Bread Production Line

The Anko LAP-2200 is capable of pressing dough into an extremely thin, almost transparent layer.

The machine can make any type of flat, thin bread made with oil or shortening. This includes various Italian types of bread made with oil and herbs, some types of tortillas and pita breads.

The machine was producing Chinese green scallion pies, which have flat, thin, circular and and slightly flaky dough, depending on the recipe. This product is similar in some respects to Indian Parathas, which are much thinner than naan and thicker than roti (also known as chapati).

Capacity: 1,200 - 2,200 pieces/hr (Product Dependent)

Product Weight: 70 - 125 g/piece

Youtube Videos from ANKO Website:
Size/Capacity:Capacity: 1,200 - 2,200 pieces/hr (Product Dependent)
Product Weight: 70 - 125 g/piece
Stock Number:COMP19716S

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