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TSUKASA Powmixer DSV-D-360 Conical Sided Paddle Mixer with dust extractor

Three-dimensional mixing flow is formed throughout the entire interior by gravitational collapse of the conical incline area in addition to discrepancies in the peripheral speed of the paddles due to differences between inner and outer paddle diameter.

Both sides of the unit have a conical configuration, yielding a wide variety of mixing flows not only through normal rotation but through reverse rotating as well, enabling boad accommodation such as for particulates of greatly disparate specific gravity or grain size.
Short mixing times of 60 to 180 seconds make for reduced damage to delicate materials.(※)
A broad mixing zone with fill rations of 40 % to 100% is featured.(※)
The conical configuration achieves rapid discharge and extremely small amounts of residue.(※)
(※)Variation according to the physical properties or mixture ratio of the particulate matter may occur.
Both sides of the unit use a conical configuration and all areas of the end plate are chamfered, making for little mixed-material residue or contamination and facilitating cleaning.

Large inspection doors on both sides of the unit's container and discharge portions allow thorough cleaning of the interior.
Use of large paddles means only four paddles are required, making cleaning extremely simple.
The paddles use a design based on a chamfered design that reduces particulate buildup to a minimum.
The entire interior of the unit's container serves as the mixing zone, which means no areas where buildup of particulate dust can occur.
<Energy Efficiency, Low Cost, and High Performance>
Use of high-efficiency paddles for low drive-power requirements
Compact, low-profile design
Model:Powmixer DSV-D-360
Size/Capacity:Nominal Capacity: 250L - dependent on product, denaity etc.
Stock Number:MIXE19235S
Serial Number:35J040005

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