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ENVIRO-PAK CVU-980/E / Series Mini-Pak Smokehouse

Micro Processor / MP-1000 Series
Normally has 2 wheel in/out trolleys per cycle, with steam and electrical connections. It does not generate its own steam.

Trolleys are not available.

Electrics: 415V, 3phase, 50Hz, 58A, 27kW. Has 2 x motors - a 3HP and a 2 HP 1438RPM.
Steam 100Llbs @15psi
Good Condition.

Single large front door, no read door.

Overall Dimensions 91 1/2❠L x 50❠W x 96❠Tall (2320mm L x 1270mm W x 2438mm H)
Model:CVU-980/E / Series Mini-Pak
Size/Capacity:Normally has 2 wheel in / out trolleys per cycle (trolleys are not available)
Stock Number:MEAT18795S
Serial Number:93B-6180-009

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