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PACIFIC TC52 Mincer 150mm ID (s/s contacts) with Bin Lifter

Fitted with a large 250Lt capacity hopper. This mincer was used to mince fruit.
Currently fitted with a 4mm particle size final grind plate.
Mincer Description
Model TC52
Crating Dimensions including hopper(mm): 1800mm L x 1400mm W x 2375mm H
Throughput 1500 Kg Hour nominal (product and size dependent)
Weight 438 Kgs

The PACIFIC 150mm Mincer Grinder is a powerful machine that is more than capable of mincing and grinding up to 1500kg per hour (dependent on plate size) of meat, vegetables & fruit including gristle and small bones (including whole chicken frames) through its 150mm diameter perforated end plate. This mincer is perfectly suited to any butcher, restaurant or food manufacturer who wishes to mince product for sausages, hamburgers, chevapi, nuggets, mince and pet food etc.
(similar but newer model)
Size/Capacity:Throughput 1500 Kg Hour
Stock Number:MEAT18665S
Serial Number:18665

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