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M-TEK CORP V45 Completely Waterproof VFFS Bagging Machine

If you are packaging CHEESE, MEAT, POULTRY, SEAFOOD, VEGETABLE AND FRUIT PRODUCE, then this is the bagging machine for you.

You can hose down without having
to cover any components and restart before
the machine is dry!
The V45 combines the durability of the
V32 bag machine with the sleek design and
versatility of the V60 bag machine.
The result is an intermittent motion vertical bagging solution designed to withstand harsh environments where high pressure washdown is required.
Bag styles: Pillow, gusset, flat bottom
Speeds: Up to 45/min (product dependent)
Bag widths: Up to 13"
- 100% stainless steel
I- P-67 washdown compliant
- Allen Bradley controls
- Tool-less forming horn changes
- Recipe based colour touchscreen
Robust, self aligning stainless steel jaws
Servo-driven vacuum belts with integrated bushes
⢠Gas flush for MAP applications
⢠Roll stock cart
⢠Film printer
⢠Infeed/discharge conveyors
⢠3❠unwind shafts for up to
18❠film rolls
⢠Dehumidifier in control box
⢠Poly-resistive seal bars

The final price is subject to confirmation of project scope.
Size/Capacity:⢠Bag Styles: Pillow, Gusset,
Flat Bottom
⢠Speeds: Up to 45/min
⢠Bag Widths: Up to 13â
Stock Number:PVFF18264G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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