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MAKRAM TD Tray Denester (s/s)

This simple tray denester was used in a Ready Meals plant. Suitable dies can be remanufactured to suit your own product (price not included)
Disposable food trays used in a food factory production line must have the ability to be stored away neatly, taking up minimum amount of factory floor space, but also must be â~freely DE-NESTABLEâ™. The ability for the tray to be DENESTED quickly and freely on to factory conveying equipment, repeatedly and without error is a very important factor in the cost effective and efficient running of any factory.
Examples of common items which are able to be NESTED together are:

Plastic paint pots
'Stack boxes' and containers
Plastic washing baskets
Disposable food packaging trays and containers
Temporary traffic cones
'Fast food' burger boxes
Ice cream cones

Size/Capacity:Product and size dependent
Stock Number:MATH17989S
Serial Number:17989

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