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Daiei AX Dough Extruder - Sheeter (dumplings etc)

This dough Extruder/Sheeter was used in a bakery plant on dumpling type dough.
Die ID: 30mm - plit width= 60mm
Roller Feeder Width: 120mm W
Power: 3.976 kW
Dough was fed into the hopper and automatically pushed into the extrusion chamber.

The dough was then extruded as a hollow tube of approximately 30mm ID.It was then slit into a flat sheet of approximately 60mm Wide. The continuous sized sheet was fed over and under a series of rolls into a shaping and forming machine. (not supplied)
Size/Capacity:Die ID: 30mm
Roller Feeder Width: 120mm W
Stock Number:FOOD17557S
Serial Number:08

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