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Japanese Made RAISIN-BW Raisin Declumper/Singulator with Washer (Steam Jacketed Tank)

Raisin washing installations are used in the baking, chocolate and muesli industry. Most of the raisins have to be washed before use and the fruits have to be separated from stones, stalks, dust etc.

The fruit collects approx. 1,5 - 3 % humidity in the washing process, which is mostly acceptable (conditions apply)
The washing section with steam jacketed tank (including steam valves, trap etc) is mounted with the breaking-unit (declumper) and de-waterer on a single stainless steel skid.
The raisin blocks can be placed on the product tray of the breaking-unit, then manually pushed into the chamber. An infeed conveyor (including a metal detector) could be used for a more automated feed. This is not included but could be added at extra cost. The declumper ,which is fitted with tines,breaks the fruits blocks slowly and carefully whilst a section of vibrating zig-zag shaped rods singulates the raisins or sultanas to perfection. Singulated fruit is then transported into the washing chamber of the washing machine. This rotating device is fitted with rods.
A vibratory dewatering conveyor which is fitted with a screen completes the process.The water circulatory pump (and return pump) are also mounted on the same skid.
A s/s electrical panels has buttons for:
Manual, off , continuous(I button, 3 positions)
Breaking Rotor
Breaking Screen
Washing rotor
Circulation Pump
Return Pump
Vibratory Dewatering Screen
Metal Detector (not included)
Skid size - Overall Dimensions: 2700mm L x 1800mm W x 2100mm H
The s/s skid is fitted with a 100mm high lip all round to form a tray. It is also fitted with an outlet plug.
EBARA Pump (circulating) Model 40FOSE64
Capacity: 60L min with a 11.8m head and 170Lmin with a 6.6m hea. Electrics 0.4kW 60Hz Fittings 304 SUS 11/2 "

Size/Capacity:Product and size dependant
Stock Number:FRUI17445S
Serial Number:17445

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