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WARAZOU MITAKA Electrics EG-60S Egg Breaker/Separator ( Diamond tipped blade and filter - no eggshell pieces)

This egg-breaker/separator is a small mobile machine, and can be pushed to any station or processing point where needed.

Eggs are placed either manually (or mechanically - not included with machine) onto a roller chain conveyor. Eggs are gripped by 2 sets of vacuum cups on each side of the egg. These hold the eggs gently and firmly in position. A knife blade assembly which is diamond tipped, slits the eggs. The partially slit eggs are pulled gently apart. There is thus no bacterial contamination of the yolks, and egg whites by the shells as there is no contact between them.
Egg shells are ejected to one side whilst whites and yolks decant from another port. The yolks and eggs are not scrambled, and can thus be processed further.
Capacity: up to 3,600 eggs/hour
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Size/Capacity:Capacity: up to 3,600 eggs/hr
Stock Number:FOOD17292S
Serial Number:17292

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