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TONELLI TURBO REN 70 CBM Continuous Aerator / Mixer

This unit is designed to provide continuous metered aeration to products such as creams, batters, marshmallow etc.

Capacity: 700kg/hr (nominal only, product to be tested first).

An electronic metering device measures the batter or filling as it exits the mixing head, determining density and flow rate.

There are 2 temperature controls for In and Out.

Sophisticated control systems can adjust several variables in the continuous mixer, thereby controlling the finished products characteristics such as specific gravity, density and temperature.

Continuous batter mixers offer many advantages to bakeries in automation and product consistency.

Continuous mixers allow uninterrupted continuous flow of constant batter or creme topping and fillings at a consistent flow rate and with precise specific gravity and, in certain models, at consistent temperatures.

Continuous Aeration Mixers are extensively used in the following Bakery and Confectionery Applications. The type of mixer head would need to differ and this machine is supplied with only one mixer head.

Nougat, Sponge Cakes, Swiss Roll, Ladyfingers, Madeira Cake, Cup Cakes, Angel Cake, Layer Cake, Marble Cake, Chiffon Cake, Synthetic Creams, Meringue, Mousse, Cheese Cake, Fondants, Frappe, Montelimar, Cream Icing, Pie Fillings, Gelatine Mallows, Albumen Mallows, Gums & Jellies, Peanut Butter, Fresh Creams, Whipped Butter & Margarine

Non Food Applications

Latex Foams, Plastisol, Fire retardant Clays, Blending of Dyes and Paints
Size/Capacity:Capacity) 700kg/hr (nominal only, product to be tested first)
Stock Number:MIXE17070S
Serial Number:13

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