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METTLER TOLEDO XC CC Metal Detector/Checkweigher Combination

The XC CC CombiChecker range â" checkweigher and metal detector combination
systems has been specifically designed to fulfil the highest standards of quality assurance required by international food safety regulations.

The combination of quality assurance, effective brand protection and operational efficiency make this a unique, space saving solution that you can always rely on.

Avoid costly fines with 100% weight inspection
Ensure compliance with government regulations and industry standards through in-line checkweighing of all packages. 100% weight inspection is an integral part
of a co-ordinated quality and process control program helping to deliver the documentation and process requirements needed in today's demanding market.

Ensure a popular, best brand reputation with 100% inspection for metal contamination Metal foreign bodies in products can severely harm consumers
Imagine what harm such contamination could
do to the reputation of your brand and sales figures.

Metal detection avoids any product recalls â" for total peace of mind.
Improve quality and customer satisfaction with
tighter processes Using checkweighing as a tool to tighten tolerances & make processes more repeatable is a key element in making a consistently high quality product which will thrill your customers!

Labour saving operation
Use of static scales to spot-check products is common to many operations; use of in-line checkweighing eliminates potential sampling errors and long-term labour costs inherent to these types of operations.

The metal detector of the XC CC CombiChecker is available in FOUR (4) sizes so that an aperture can be chosen which best suits the dimensions of your products.. These four sizes are referred to as "M, N, O and P", all available with dual frequency.
Metal detector size
M - Pass width 300 m. Pass height 140. Useable height 100 mm
N - Pass width 300 mm. Pass height 200mm. Useable height 160 mm
O - Pass width 450 mm. Pass height 140mm Useable height 100 mm
P - Pass width 450 mm. Pass height 200mm Useable height 160 mm
Frequency 25 - 100 Hz, 100 - 300 Hz, 300 - 800 Hz
There are 3 models differing in price in the XC CC range

Standard XC CC â" the all round talent
For loads up to 3000 gram; with a throughput up to 100 products per minute

XC CC Plus the fast one
For a throughput up to 200 products per minute

Starting price is $32,500 + GST.
Acrylic lockable catch/reject bins are $1,500 + GST each.
S/S lockable catch/reject bins are $3,000 + GST each (recommended for products over 1 Kg in weight).

XC CC Heavy â" the strong one
For loads up to 6000 g, and with a throughput up to 125 products per minute
Model:XC CC
Size/Capacity:Normally up to 3000g. 6000g max (heavy duty model)
For loads up to 3000 gram; a throughput up to 100 products per minute - standard model quoted here
Stock Number:SCAL16940G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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