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N&N Nadratowski EC-200 Electric Cooker/Kettle (Self Heating)

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beautifully designed and manufactured electrically heated cooker is used all over the world. It is used in food industry plants and kitchens where MEAT, VEGETABLES OR SOUPS are processed.

Technical data:
Overall Capacity:200 litres
Working Capacity: Product Dependent
(Approx. 177Ltr to Max)
Internal Dimensions: 600 D x 530 H mm
Mixing speed:8rpm
Mixer: Silicone fitted with silicone scraper
Heater:2 x 6 kW
Power Consumption: 12kW Power Consumption of Mixer: 0.18kW Connection CEE-Norm socket 32A in both models of cookers (200 & 400L)
415 Volts
Control protection: 4A
Power cord: 5x2.5 mm2
Volume of glycerine/thermal oil approx. 44 kg
Included Accessories:
- Timer
- Temperature Readout

Boiler temperature 0-130 degrees Celsius
Core temperature 0-99 degrees Celsius
Size/Capacity:Overall Capacity: 200Ltr
Working Capacity: Product Dependent
(Approx. 177Ltr to Max)
Mixing Speed: 8 rpm
Stock Number:COOK16155G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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